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A section of our online catalog is devoted to our supplied collection of quilts, excellent quality and exquisite taste, suitable for sale in all kinds of outlets due to their ability to conquer the client at first glance.
In home textiles, the quilt has become an essential, an enveloping embrace that accompanies us in his sleep with a warmth and protection only, able to ensure comfort and relaxation.

Our products, made with soft fabrics, are finely embroidered and available in classic solid color or in pretty prints to form a kit able to bring out the qualities of each bedroom, and give it a taste and sophistication to which your customers will not know to resist.

Our line of quilts is available for both individual beds double beds, and we also have a wide assortment of items both winter and spring, which will be adequately stocked all year round, and provides a comprehensive range of laundry in each period.

One of the leading products in this category is our line of single, tufted rugs to expand your range ensuring also the bedrooms of children a dynamic and lively thanks to the variety of vibrant colours and special prints.

Online you will find all the features of our products as well as an overview of all our models. Take the opportunity to ask without engagement on our price list.


Italian Bed Linen di Datex realizza e commercializza una grande varietà di biancheria per la casa per hotel, B&B, ingrossi e negozi di forniture alberghiere. Ciò che ci distingue è l’eccellenza dei tessuti, rigorosamente Made in Italy. Dal classico tinta unita in una vasta scala di colori e tonalità, all’originalità ed eleganza degli stampati con stampa digitale, resistente anche a numerosi lavaggi, per prodotti davvero personalizzati.


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