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Creation and sale sheets for bed and breakfast

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Sheets for Bed and Breakfast and hotels available on Italian Bed Linens are made of pure cotton and completely made in Italy. This decision follows the principles of quality, security, customer focus typical of our land that is recognized globally for its fabrics.

Buy linen bed and breakfast from our site means to ensure customer comfort and a quality not found in tissues too cheap and not certain. White or colored linens for hotels and bed and breakfasts are practical and functional. Depending on the type of furniture in the rooms of the bed and breakfast you can wash and iron easily, comfortably and with guaranteed not to lose the quality of the fabric in a short time. Thanks to the stress tests carried out at the production stage, directly to the cutting table, frequent washing at where you have to bring your own linen bed and breakfast, your sheets bed and breakfast will always remain fresh and velvety, pleasant to the touch.

Our sheets are sold online, economic balance between quality and price, as evidenced by the fact that we are a reference point in the purchase of home textiles in Italy and abroad.

From solid color to color, you will find in our collections, linen bed and breakfast in double or single format, really soft and enveloping that you can combine with a matrimonial parure duvet covers, quilted bedspreads, quilts or doubles. Sheets for bed and breakfast have been designed to give an ideal thermal wellbeing to your customer, for cold winter nights or the hottest days and sultry of the middle of August. The high breathability of the fabric allows the body to not sweat excessively and not to stain the fabric. A fundamental point of view in the perspective of investment on bedding for hotels. Do not hesitate to buy from our online hotel textile supplies wholesale. Within a few days, you will receive your package and you can actually evaluate the quality of our fabrics.


Italian Bed Linen di Datex realizza e commercializza una grande varietà di biancheria per la casa per hotel, B&B, ingrossi e negozi di forniture alberghiere. Ciò che ci distingue è l’eccellenza dei tessuti, rigorosamente Made in Italy. Dal classico tinta unita in una vasta scala di colori e tonalità, all’originalità ed eleganza degli stampati con stampa digitale, resistente anche a numerosi lavaggi, per prodotti davvero personalizzati.


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