Comforters for bed and breakfast

Italian bed linens made in Italy its lines of quilts for bed and breakfast

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Among the textile supplies hotels in our catalogue, the bedspreads for Bed and Breakfast and hotel facilities are a great investment for your property.
The quilts are part of hotel linens must buy, because, besides the quality of fabrics, give that color and a touch of practicality to the rooms of your Bed and Breakfast.

The quilts are called bedspread because you don’t need to put it under the mattress like the quilts, but they are of a unique handling and efficiency. With a few simple steps you can make the change. The linen for Bed and Breakfast hotel has to take place, according to the law, 2 times a week. It is therefore necessary to have single and double bedspreads ready for use, as well as clean, even by perfect colors, intact, not ruined by time and wear. Our quilts have been studied in the initial stages of production, since the fabric with the goals to withstand washings to which will be submitted.

Our fabric made in Italy will also ensure the quality of hotel linens we produced. The fabrics from other countries, albeit cheap, often get ruined or they wear out since the first washing. You can’t allow that to happen, because you will lose both economically’s reputation. Our workshops are distinguished from time for their certified production and work transparently performed, comply with all applicable laws and Union contracts.

Double quilted Bed and Breakfast of the various collections cheer the rest and can be matched to other bedding, such as loose sheets or bed sets.
From combinations, creating balance and harmony within the room for bed and breakfast.
Browse our catalog and do your shopping in bulk at competitive prices and a quality never seen before. Your satisfaction and your customers comes first.


Italian Bed Linen di Datex realizza e commercializza una grande varietà di biancheria per la casa per hotel, B&B, ingrossi e negozi di forniture alberghiere. Ciò che ci distingue è l’eccellenza dei tessuti, rigorosamente Made in Italy. Dal classico tinta unita in una vasta scala di colori e tonalità, all’originalità ed eleganza degli stampati con stampa digitale, resistente anche a numerosi lavaggi, per prodotti davvero personalizzati.


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